Logical Butterflies in Cosmic Time

Cheat Sheets

The Precepts of the Church
What does the Lord require of us Catholics?
Holy Days of Obligation and the Laws of Fasting and Abstinence
It's important to come to Mass on the Holy Days of Obligation (In Canada, Christmas and New Year's) and to be aware of the laws of fasting and abstinence as they apply to our state in life.
The Jesus Prayer
Contemplating the forgiveness of Jesus.
The Order of the Books of the Bible
Knowing how the Bible is organized will help you find things in it much more easily. Use this handy guide, and find things in Scripture faster than ever!
The Our Father
The prayer that Jesus taught us. We use this prayer every week at the end of each session, along with the Hail Mary and the Glory Be.
The Apostles' Creed
Together with the whole Church throughout all of time and space, we declare our faith in God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
What will you do when you grow up?
Perhaps you'll be a computer programmer, lawyer, doctor, butcher, baker - or priest? Nun? Monk? Check it out!
Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit comes to us at Baptism and at Confirmation to guide us into all truth, but we need to make use of the gifts that He gives us in order to show the evidence of His action in our lives - the "fruits" of the Spirit. And we know that we are on the right track when our lives are showing these "fruits."
Examination of Conscience
How can we know what we are supposed to say in Confession? What are our sins? By answering the questions found in an Examination of Conscience, we can easily see what our sins have been, and we can find the words to be able to confess them.
An Outline for Individual Confessions
How do we know what to do in the Sacrament of Reconciliation? This simple guide is provided for you so that you can feel comfortable knowing what you are supposed to do when you go into the Reconcilation Room or Confessional.

The Boats Game